Agreement For Scrap Disposal

13.1 Time is essential for all dates, periods and deadlines to be met by the Customer in accordance with the agreement, as well as for all dates, periods and deadlines that can be replaced by the written agreement of the parties. explosive or explosive materials of any kind, such as . B, the debris. B ammunition (for example, ammunition, grenades); (B) The customer wants to source Sims` used metal recycling services. Sims wishes to provide the customer with such services under this agreement. 13.5 This document describes the whole agreement between the parties, all agreements and terms of the agreement that were executed prior to this Agreement are null and confidential and relations between the contracting parties are exclusively subject to the terms of this Agreement. 2.2 Collect and recycle sims, either through reuse or sale for reuse, of used metals from participating customer sites. Sims will respond within a reasonable time if it is notified by a participating customer site to collect used metals. To facilitate pickup, Sims can, at its sole discretion, deliver the customer (at the customer`s risk), jump/bins to store on its site.

If the customer delivers the container or merchandise to Sims, it is done within two days of SIMS. 3.7 The customer will not provide excluded goods to his related businesses and authorized subcontractors without Sims` written permission and prior authorization for the necessary services and the price to be charged. radioactive materials of any kind (for example. B military debris, medical debris, thickness measurement instruments); 7.3.2 Each delivery is accompanied by a delivery order indicating, among other things, an order number, the date of order, the number or volume of the material delivered and, in the case of partial delivery, the remaining balance to be delivered; and “sales contract,” the contract entered into pursuant to Section 2 of these terms and conditions; (A) Sims Metal Management is the world`s leading recycler of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, waste electronics and electrical appliances. 9.1 To the extent necessary for the effective performance of the contract, the parties allow the other parties to use the other party`s intellectual property rights for the exercise of their rights and the performance of their contractual obligations. The contracting parties have no other rights with respect to the intellectual property rights of the other parties. . 11.1.2 commits a substantial violation of the agreement, which can be corrected, but does not resolve this infringement within thirty (30) days after a written notification in which the violation must be described and corrected by the Company, the Company may immediately terminate the contract by communicating it in writing to the Customer. 13.8 Nothing in this condition 12 is construed or construed as limiting or excluding a person`s liability in the event of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.