Deposit Account Agreement And

If you use your Visa debit card to purchase goods or services from a merchant who debits your account electronically through an electronic terminal located at the retailer`s location, you should normally use your PIN. These transactions are referred to as “PIN,” “PIN” or “online” by debit card. On the other hand, if you use your Visa debit card to purchase goods or services from a merchant who will display the Visa logo, the transaction will be processed very similarly to a conventional credit card transaction. The use of your PIN is not normally necessary. For this reason, these transactions are called “no PIN,” “non-PIN,” “signature-based debit card transactions,” or “offline.” However, your Visa debit card is not a credit card. Unlike a credit card transaction, your current account is directly debited when you use your debit visa card. Accounts created as uniforms transfers to Minors Act (UTMA), Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) or Missouri Transfers to Minors Law (MTML) are subject to applicable state law. The administrator of an UTMA, UGMA or MTML account undertakes to contact us immediately after the death of the minor or at the time of the arrival of the Imk. Once we have inquired about any of these events, the custodian`s authority over the account is maintained only to the extent permitted by law.

Before receiving such notification, we may consider any cheques or projects written on the account or any withdrawals from the account without any liability being incurred with respect to the minor or a third party, and the custodian is liable for any loss or expense that we are incurred immediately as a result of non-disclosure. 7. THEIR RESPONSIBILITY IN THE EVENT OF A CARD PAYMENT. You allow us to debit or credit your account based on the total amount displayed on the debit or credit instructions from the use of the card. We will not grant you cash refunds for purchases you make with the card and you must deal directly with the merchant any claims or defenses you have regarding goods or services purchased with the card. Your claim for a claim or defence does not exempt you from the obligation to pay the full amount of the proposed sale and the corresponding costs we collect. All refunds that the merchant certifies to you of the sums charged to them by using the card must be made on a credit voucher that you and the merchant submitted to us by the merchant.