Pathway Forward Agreement

Seven Carrier Sekani First Nations have signed an agreement, supporters say they are on the road to self-management and has a revenue-sharing structure worth $175 million over the five-year term of the agreement. The Interim Pathway Forward Agreement is also setting up a forum for B.C. and Carrier Sekani First Nations to explore avenues of reconciliation. The two will work together to develop the outlines of a potential long-term reconciliation agreement that takes into account the economic, social, cultural and environmental interests of First Nations, Canada`s role and the ongoing reconciliation between the Crown and First Nations Institutions. “As a nation, we have had to make sacrifices to fight for our rights and title in Canadian courts and to oppose projects such as New Prosperity that threaten our culture and our sacred places. Our priority is the health and well-being of our citizens, families and communities in T`ilhqot`. This agreement contains a common vision with LEC and Canada to change the lives of our people. This is where we need to invest our time and energy, and I look forward to the work to come. WILLIAMS LAKE, BC, August 28, 2019 /CNW/ CNW – The federal and provincial governments have partnered with the T`ilhqot`in National Government and the six municipalities of T`ilhqot`in, to celebrate the signing of the Gwets`en Nilt`i Pathway Agreement (“Towards it, We are Striving”), a historic reconciliation agreement for T`ilhqot`in self-determination, five years after the supreme court of Canada`s pioneering decision in the Tsilhq`in Nation. “Today, in T`ilhqot,” the nation is taking a historic step forward, while rebuilding its nation and committing itself to its people. The Gwets`en Nilt`i Pathway Agreement is an example of true partnership in a relationship between government and nation and nation, based on indigenous leadership, vision and self-determination.

“This Agreement is based on the recognition and respect of our Aboriginal rights and title, including our rights to self-determination and autonomy, in accordance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. As “T`ilhqot`in,” we cannot and will not rest until our rights, title and jurisdiction are recognized throughout our country of origin. This agreement sets the stage for this work and brings together a way to make these commitments live in a way that reflects our aspirations as the peoples of T`ilhqot. ” – $25 million will be spent on building the capacity to implement the agreement and continuing negotiations for a comprehensive long-term reconciliation agreement between First Nations and the provincial and federal governments; The agreement includes measures to support Carrier Sekani`s forestry, business development and partnerships, as well as increased participation in forest resource management and environmental responsibility. Joint initiatives under the agreement will aim to promote skilled labour and promote new matching opportunities between Carrier Sekani`s forest operators and non-carrier forest operators, as well as to ensure stability and operational predictability on land in north central British Columbia. The province, the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council and seven First Nations Companies have reached an agreement that will increase First Nations participation in forest management while creating the conditions for reconciliation.